Visual Experience at HOME(AMAL)📷

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the title, “AMAL Career Prep Fellowship? Definitely, a course that enlighten you with the basic-level tips, techniques, and skills to excel in your professional career, right? However, the Amal learnings go way beyond that. Amal makes you a better individual, both professionally and morally. The journey started with discovering yourself, inculcating moral values, learning traits of a good team player, and the importance of showing gratitude. The best way of remembering something is to associate those things that are closer to you. Here’s what I can relate the most to my fellowship’s initial experiences:

1) Gym: 💪

As I mentioned earlier, associating stuff with something helps you in remembering something. To integrate Amal values in my personal life, I have tried to parallelize them with my routine stuff, and the best thing I found is my gym. In the gym, you need to show:

● Humility: Help others in their exercises.

● Acceptance: Know your limits and push yourself accordingly.

● Growth: Every day should be better than the previous in terms of weight and repetitions.

● Honesty: Be honest in sharing feedback with your juniors

● Responsibility: Responsible not only for your growth but for your partner’s as well.

My Workplace 😉

2) Wristwatch:

Time management is the thing with which I struggled the most initially. I used to start my Project Works on Tuesday, but still, they got completed at the eleventh hour of submission. I could not balance the right amount of time I should dedicate to my University and Amal’s Project works. But then, things started to get better.

My Wristwatch⌚

3) Cup of Tea:

Chai brings out the most productive side of myself. When I had to draw a life map and Amal Values, I lacked creative ideas. But then, Chai always came to the rescue initially, not only it gave me ideas, but then helped me to do things super quickly.

My Love☕

This fellowship has given me a lot. I am coming out as a much better individual than I was at the start. I found out some of the very best facilitators and a group of fellows, who remained by my side throughout the journey and played a significant part in my growth. Batch 176 will always remain in my heart. We didn’t know we were making memories; we were just having fun……